A successful journalist should understand and follow many branches of social media…


In these days journalism is MUCH more than the traditional radio, newspaper, and TV broadcasts.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, Linkedin, Tumblr…this is just to name a few, the list goes on and on. Social networking sites have taken media to a completely new level. A journalist in our time period must be very savvy in the social media community. As the newer generations, Gen Y and Z are more involved in social networking sites the media has no choice but to follow. If they choose not to make the switch to a more technological style media they will be left in the dust. We can see how this is inevitably happening to printed newspapers…as you are reading this the newspapers are on their final ticks…they may be left behind forever with no chance of reincarnation.

Now, anyone of us today can become a “journalist”, it’s awesome. I don’t mean to be discrediting those who have gone through years of college to become an accredited journalist but, I feel that to a certain degree all of us in this Journalism 65 class are now journalists…we have started our own blogs where we are reporting on various things that are important to us…I think I really like this journalism business 🙂 With each post I am beginning to like this more and more. 🙂


My love-hate relationship with social media…

I will admit it…I do have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with social media. Social media is a powerful tool with many advantages along with a few disadvantages. Because of this, I cannot fully endorse or denounce it, so…why don’t I just go ahead and express my feelings about how social media is changing our world…

Like I said, social media is a VERY powerful tool. There is currently well over 200 social media sites helping us connect people around the globe. Go ahead and look over the list of them all…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites

Other than helping family and friends keep in touch, social media is also enabling likeminded people to join together, stand up and make sure their voices are heard. I feel this is incredible, within these past ten years social media has boomed and these sites are giving the people a sense of power that has been needed for years…we have recently seen how social media has aided the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iran, Libya and Yemen… social media has helped open the eyes of the youth in these countries who have been in opression for far too long. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/02/12/earlyshow/saturday/main7343208.shtml

Social media sites for the most part do a great job of allowing everyone to express their feelings and ideas in their own unique way…it’s awesome. People/the writer can use the power of words to allow others to get a feel of how they views things. This is very helpful to those who in their day to day life are not big talkers. Some people (like myself) are just a woman(or man) of few words, that’s just who we are…we have thoughts stacking one on top of the other all day but we rarely feel confident enough to let thoughts fly freely. I don’t want to start babbling on and on about this 🙂  but, I find that to be a MAJOR advantage about social media…

There is also so much we can learn from social media sites…I love it! You can research just about anything and find others who share the same passions…it’s awesome. We can meet people and share our ideas with them…we can inspire and get inspired from other likeminded people…the possibilities for learning from social media sites are endless!

Those were a few of the advantages now let me speak of the disadvantages…..

Before social media almost everything was done face-to-face, if we get completely wrapped up in this cyberworld we will lose a piece of our pure emotion; we must always try our hardest to keep everything in our lives balanced.

With sites such as facebook and myspace there are many who enjoy fabricating a phony representation of themselves…I have known people who do this, they post only a certain style of pictures of themselves and they “say” they do or have done much more than they actually have. But, I shouldn’t and can’t judge, they are just doing what makes them happy so as long as they are not causing any harm that’s fine by me…

Once again, social media is a very powerful tool that has the power to bring about a world wide revolution…this is just the beginning…

So…Who is this Vanessa Jensen anyways????

      Let me tell you who this Vanessa Jensen is… 🙂

I’m a 28 year old female who loves her husband, her family, her friends, just about every plant and animal on this planet (each are so beautifully unique in their own way!), music (playing as well as listening to), painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpting, cooking, baking, learning, traveling, exploring, puzzles, creativity, meeting new interesting people…this list can go on and on…it would be easier to just tell you the things I am not very fond of…violence, anger, hate, greed, jealousy, envy and just about everything  that is grown from these emotions.

I’m a student at Laney College in Oakland, CA. This semester I decided to take a journalism class, I am learning many new things in this class…I love it! One of our assignments this week was to create a blog so…I have now taken that step into the blogger community and this is my first post.

I’ve been doing a little research over these past few days on writing your first post and I’ll share a bit of the info…just in case there are any new bloggers (like myself) reading this…

  • Headline of the post is VERY VERY important.     

This is what will catch the readers eye…based on this they will decide whether they will even spend their time reading on. I tried my best to catch your eye with my headline…how do you think I did? 🙂

  • Post should be between 200 – 800 words.          

I’m still writing this so I’m not too sure how long mine will end up being but I’m goin for about 300…I’ll let you know when I’m done. 

  •  It’s a good idea to add pictures and links.

I’ll make sure to do this…I went ahead and added a link on bogging tips that was very helpful to me…there was also MANY other helpful sites I looked over but I couldn’t add them all.

  •  Always make sure you check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Will do.

  • Be sure to switch up the background on your page about every month or so…

 Will do…I wouldn’t want my page to get boring and stale…!

And most importantly write about something you are passionate about…As you can see in my into I have many passions in my life…With this blog I will try my hardest to spread helpful and useful information about all of my passions…possibly with a little humor thrown in here and there. 🙂

Please check back with me when you have a chance and join me on my blogging journey….feel free to leave me a comment with a blogging tip or any other positive thing you would like *

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read this & be sure to make it a beautiful day!! ****

Here’s a great site with many helpful tips on starting a blog…check it out if you have time * http://bit.ly/4b23i2

Total words: 499 🙂

What do you think…Too long, too short or just right…?