My love-hate relationship with social media…

I will admit it…I do have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with social media. Social media is a powerful tool with many advantages along with a few disadvantages. Because of this, I cannot fully endorse or denounce it, so…why don’t I just go ahead and express my feelings about how social media is changing our world…

Like I said, social media is a VERY powerful tool. There is currently well over 200 social media sites helping us connect people around the globe. Go ahead and look over the list of them all…

Other than helping family and friends keep in touch, social media is also enabling likeminded people to join together, stand up and make sure their voices are heard. I feel this is incredible, within these past ten years social media has boomed and these sites are giving the people a sense of power that has been needed for years…we have recently seen how social media has aided the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iran, Libya and Yemen… social media has helped open the eyes of the youth in these countries who have been in opression for far too long.

Social media sites for the most part do a great job of allowing everyone to express their feelings and ideas in their own unique way…it’s awesome. People/the writer can use the power of words to allow others to get a feel of how they views things. This is very helpful to those who in their day to day life are not big talkers. Some people (like myself) are just a woman(or man) of few words, that’s just who we are…we have thoughts stacking one on top of the other all day but we rarely feel confident enough to let thoughts fly freely. I don’t want to start babbling on and on about this 🙂  but, I find that to be a MAJOR advantage about social media…

There is also so much we can learn from social media sites…I love it! You can research just about anything and find others who share the same passions…it’s awesome. We can meet people and share our ideas with them…we can inspire and get inspired from other likeminded people…the possibilities for learning from social media sites are endless!

Those were a few of the advantages now let me speak of the disadvantages…..

Before social media almost everything was done face-to-face, if we get completely wrapped up in this cyberworld we will lose a piece of our pure emotion; we must always try our hardest to keep everything in our lives balanced.

With sites such as facebook and myspace there are many who enjoy fabricating a phony representation of themselves…I have known people who do this, they post only a certain style of pictures of themselves and they “say” they do or have done much more than they actually have. But, I shouldn’t and can’t judge, they are just doing what makes them happy so as long as they are not causing any harm that’s fine by me…

Once again, social media is a very powerful tool that has the power to bring about a world wide revolution…this is just the beginning…

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  1. unfathomableruckus
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 18:49:08

    Yes, social media has been a powerful tool lately in social change. I think it’s because it gives a younger generation the ability to derive opinions from sources other than the generation that came before, meaning that the seemingly unchangeable attributes of the culture and government can be challenged in ways that were before unthinkable. We need to remember that we each have a hand in whether the internet and social media are to be equalizing tools or another force of oppression and filtering of information to the privileged.


  2. Gregory Stringer
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 20:23:29

    @Vanessa – you point out eloquently that with Social Media, as with all else in our universe, there is a duality of the yin and yang.

    @unfathomableruckus – As a member of the previous generation, I stand proud to watch the Gen X’ers and Millenials carry forth the work begun in the ’60’s. While once it seemed as if we were tilting our lances at windmills, we now see evidence of cultural ills being righted all over the world. Perhaps Social Media will enable the final battles against oppression, and humans can breach the last battlements of indifference and intolerance.


  3. taniesharjourn65 blog
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 23:14:27

    I fully agree with you Vanessa, there are now so many ways for family, friends, business, etc. to stay closely connected, and social media had broadened so much within the last decade. Also the fact that we can all have a place to socially meet and discuss all the current events (some more important than others)is a privilege to do so.


  4. Jena Perry
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 03:44:01

    I always say that balance is key. and that although social websites are great tools, that’s exactly what they are TOOLS. and should only be used as such.


  5. suzzannajourn65blog
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 05:04:20

    I like that you wrote “social media is also enabling likeminded people to join together”. This is so true. Via blog, and twitter, and Facebook etc. we are able to form communities. What is amazing is that these communities are not limited by geographical locations, and we can create communities based on our interests and gain new perspectives on a topic from people in different states or countries.


  6. Vanessa Jensen
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 02:44:00

    @ unfathomableruckus_ Exactly…we each have a hand in how this social media will be used…I feel there is always a possibility of it making that shift to a form of opression real quick…we ALL just need to always keep our eyes open…

    @Gregory & @Jena_ Thanks * I feel balance is the key to life *

    @Tanieshar_ Thanks *

    @Suzanna_ It is very amazing! we are so lucky to have internet access…I love how we are able to communicate with people around the globe with only a click of the mouse…once again, the possibilities are endless…


  7. Ronna Denton
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 02:21:22

    I agree with your ideas regarding social media. I too believe balance is the key. Face to face relationships are the best. We learn so much from facial expressions and body language.
    However,I have been able to be in touch with cousins on the other side of the country thru social media, keeping that special connection fresh. Surprisingly, it has caused me to actually send more hand written letters thru snail mail.
    Balance is positive.


    • Vanessa Jensen
      Mar 31, 2011 @ 06:49:36

      I completely agree with you on face to face relationships being the best…nothing beats a look into the eyes, just like you said…so much can be learned from it *
      Since we moved social media has been the way we’ve been keeping touch with everyone but, we should start using more snail mail 🙂 that’s a great idea * Thanks *


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