The many benefits of expressing yourself creatively


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

There are SO MANY benefits to creativity! Let me go ahead and tell you why I feel it is soooo important for each and every one of us to express ourselves creatively as often as we can…

I feel each day as we go through our lives there are constant stresses and irritations that build up little by little…brick by brick. After so long of building up without release a wall is built and this wall obliterates our creativity. We can’t just stand by and allow our creativity to be destroyed…like I said there any many many benefits to creativity…I’ll go over a few of them 🙂

Have you ever been in the “zone” of doing something creative where you have completely lost track of time??

There have been times when I have been throwing on the wheel, drawing, painting, sculpting, playing guitar or working with my plants and completely lost track of time! When I look back to the clock I realize it has been hours!! I love when that happens! I am completely focused on one thing…I have stopped thinking about what I’m gunna cook for dinner, how I forgot to pay that bill yesterday, what I have to take care of tomorrow or all the suffering going on around the globe…for a few hours my mind is 100% free. I feel this is somewhat of a meditative state…and we know there are also so many benefits to meditation… here’s a list that goes over some of them

The creative right side of the brain

The left hemisphere of the brain is said to be the logical, verbal and dominant half, while the right is said to be the creative, imaginative, emotional, spatially aware side of the brain…As we express ourselves creatively we are activating the right hemisphere of our brain…

We are all creative!!

I have heard so many say “I’m just not creative! I’m not creative at all!” This saddens me…we are each creative in our own ways & we should never forget it…there are so many examples of creativity…visual arts, written arts, musical arts, culinary arts, media arts and this is just to name a few.

Without creativity our lives becomes stagnant…activate your creativity in any and every way you can. Please *

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