LinkedIn and journalists

LinkedIn can be very beneficial to journalists.

There are said to be over 35 million members on LinkedIn! The current population of Oakland CA is 390,724…let’s do the math: 35 million / 390,724 is approximately 40 Oakland’s’!!! This is a HUGE database where you can find many resources for your article/post…

LinkedIn has an extensive advanced people search where you can search through the 35 million members based on industries, groups, languages, interests and more. You can find and expert in a field in a matter of seconds! I wanted to try it out so I did a search for alternative medicine, instantly I found many interesting people from around the globe! This database can also be used to find interviewee’s for your next interview post…

Let’s say you are still unsure about your career path (like me :))…LinkedIn can help with that to! You can search for people in the same industry that you are wishing to go into and get to know them. I’m sure someone could be found that would be willing to share their knowledge with you.  

Have you ever had to write a post and been stumped on what to write about…I know I have! 🙂 Not a problem at all….LinkedIn has an answers section where many ask any question they want an answer to from “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made when launching a new website and what did you learn from it?” to “Are we running out of salt?” (Actual questions) While looking through the many questions inspiration can be found; when you read that question it will spark interest then you’ll be off writing your post.  

Another big way LinkedIn can help journalists is the fact that it’s getting your name out there. You are growing your connections via social media…it’s awesome!

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