So many useful question & answer sites to choose from…

Last week I asked a question to LinkedIn Answers “If I am not currently working, please suggest what I should put in my LinkedIn profile.”

In a short time people began to respond with so much helpful information! Many suggestions for headline titles, suggestions of things to possibly leave out, one man even left me a detailed list of steps to take for a successful profile. It was so nice!

This week I asked two questions at Q&A sites, my first question was to Mahalo Answers. I asked “What is your favorite vegan dessert recipe?”

Not a single person has answered this question yet…and I must admit, this is a big bummer for me because I am a lover of the sweets 🙂 I am ALWAYS looking for new vegan dessert recipes * (But, to be completely honest the reason why no one has answered can possibly be because I did just ask this question earlier today)  

I also asked a question on Aardvark “Have you been hired for a job through LinkedIn?”

Two people quickly answered, it seemed almost instantly 🙂 it was great. One person said they have never found a job through LinkedIn while another said YES! Definately…I responded by asking what sort of jobs did he find but, he has not yet responded. My expierience with Aardvark was very similar to LinkedIn…very helpful!

There are sooo many of Q&A sites out there, all with their plus and minuses. It seems as if  a few of them may be gearded towards a younger audience while others are aiming for a more reserved professional audience.

Like I said, there are many Q&A sites; below are fifteen of the most used sites availiable for  general public use.

I feel Q&A sites are amazing!! Lets say you have a random question just pop into your head and you know no one who would have an answer for you….what do you do?? Go to a great site where you can just type in your questions and in a short time you’ll have a response. It’s great! But remember, just like with everything else in life, you can’t just mindlessly accept it…you must be sure to question it and do further research on your own.


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