What’s next in social media?

Well…where can we go from here? There are many who believe we are already in the future of social media, but really…what does this mean? Do these feel we have reached the ultimate peak of social media? Once a peak has been reached is there not nowhere to go but down…what do you think? Have we really reached the social media peak? Will all else from this point on be like petals falling slowly from a bloomed flower?

Personally, I don’t feel we can do anything else but continue to climb up…that’s the only “logical” thing this society can do. Since the beginning of time our society has continued to grow and grow. For example let’s take the telephone; it all started with the non-electrical string telephone or the “lover’s telephone” it was pretty much like the children’s tin can telephone 🙂

 Then in the early 1900’s the first dial telephone…from that point on we have been advancing this technology. We now have smartphones that are basically a tiny laptop, and what will come next? Holographic phones…its already in the works! I feel it’s just a matter of time 🙂

In a great article by Jason Falls, the founder and editor of Social Media Explorer, he predicts the web will get much smarter…he says:

“Semantic search and artificial intelligence are upon us. As our browsers, social networking platforms and software packages evolve, they will all function more intelligently. They will track our every click, every keystroke and perhaps even eye movement, not to impose on us in some sort of big brother sort of way, but to serve up smarter search results, more intuitive navigation options and almost frightening sets of information.”  


Jason’s prediction of social media platforms that may even track our eye movement is fascinating but yet a little frightening.  The future of social media is an exciting subject…there are so many possibilities. What’s the next step? Only time will tell…..

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