Social networking sites helping artists get their work out to the public…

After researching quite a few social networking sites in my journalism class, it got me wondering how many sites for artists I could find. So, I began to search and was pleasantly surprised by sooo many sites working to bring together artists from around the world…

“Social Networking sites focus on helping you build an online community of people and fans who share your interests and activities, or connecting you with those who are interested in exploring your interests and activities.”                                                                                                  – Christina Duren Cyber PR Urban  

I found a great site called Artist2Artist ; they explain how they have created an environment to “keep up with fellow artists, curators, art gallery owners and other art community reps. Exhibit your own artwork, videos and music, create your own groups, blogs and forums. Share links, chat and learn from artists around the world. The possibilities are almost endless…”

 They also created a great list of how artists can benefit from a social network:

Make Connections, Participate or Create:
Chat and learn from fellow artists, curators and artist reps in real-time
Create your own Discussion Groups, Forums and Blogs
Access art lessons, exhibition reviews, interviews, lectures, and more.

Manage and Promote your Art:
Establish your own website and internet presence
Create an online Gallery
Exhibit your artwork for view and/or critique
Create image portfolios and libraries
 Share your videos, pods, and audios
List and share your upcoming events, shows, resources, online galleries

I feel social networking sites can be sooo beneficial to artists.On these sites your work can be viewed at any time from anywhere…It’s awesome!

Below are a few more great sites I recommend viewing if you have the time to check out some beautiful work *

DeviantArt , Shapeshifters , Artbreak , Artslant , Artlog

Anyone know of any other social networking sites for artists??

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend **

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mike10613
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 11:55:40

    I’m on Deviant Art but also the social art’s network –

    The Modern Met is another I’ve been on for a while.

    I have videos on there.

    Blogs about Art would be a good idea on this blog – I may be able to link to them.


  2. unfathomableruckus
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 16:51:37

    Art has always been a field that has been dominated by the elite, but then there have been those exceptions that have enriched our culture with the voices that said elite have worked so hard to keep out of the public consciousness. My concern with moving art to the internet is that it could further isolate and marginalize the art of working class people and minorities.


  3. becca
    Apr 13, 2011 @ 19:14:23

    another great website which i just heard about is
    its a website used to help fund creative projects all over the united states. anyone can go on there and donate to the project goal you are trying to reach!


  4. Geoffrey Talbot
    May 31, 2011 @ 19:32:56

    Hi there,

    While using Communities and Networks to link to other artists for support and mutual sharing is awesome… I think that the huge advantage that the internet offers artists of all types is the ability to engage and build their own audience…

    This can be done via blogs and all other forms of social media. The engagement is always two ways… Because the artist can get immediate, direct and unpolluted feedback from his/her audience they can get to know the people they create for… so well.

    My own blog does center on this type of activity… You can read it here…. or not… no pressure…



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