Journalism now goes hand in hand with Facebook…

In Kelly Wilson’s great article In Your Facebook she discusses why more and more journalists are signing up for the popular social networking site.

There’s no fighting it…Facebook is sooo beneficial to journalists around the globe. When Facebook became open to the public back in 2006 there were many who believed it would just be another Myspace style social networking site. As time went on more and more people began to realize how useful it could be to journalism but, there were still quite a few people who felt “Facebook is great for ‘social networking’ but not terribly useful as a journalistic tool,”. They believe FB is nothing more than a site purely for amusement.

Just as it is with everything, there are always both ends of the spectrum…many feel FB is a site for societies amusement and there are also MANY who believe FB is the next step in journalism. I agree with Kelly, just as everything else evolves with time FB is/will be the evolved journalism.  

Since there are over five hundred million people around the globe on Facebook would it really be smart if journalists refused to jump on this social media train??

I completely agree with Kelly when she says “As in any form of journalism, if you don’t understand where the audience is and what it’s doing, you don’t understand the audience.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t see how a true journalist could refuse to join Facebook.

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