Breaking news Monday morning….

It was Monday May 2, 2011 and my day began as just another usual Monday morning…not too much out of the ordinary. I woke around 7:30; ate some breakfast, showered then prepared for school. Before leaving I decided to check my emails and in the breaking news category something caught my eye…it was the video of President Obama’s speech where he informed American citizens about the killing of Osama bin Laden by the US Army.

I ended up missing class….after seeing that video how could I NOT do further research to find out the details?!   

I wanted as much info as I could find so I quickly went to google and typed in Osama Bin Laden killed…many articles came up and verified what I had heard. It was true…the mission that began years ago was finally completed…Osama Bin Laden has been killed by U.S. troops.

After a while I remembered I never actually checked my emails! I got wrapped up in the breaking news and forgot about my emails! 🙂 When I got to them I found the email from my Journalism teacher, Shari Weiss,  with the weekly assignments…and what do ya know…the main focus of the week was Osama’s death so she led me to some great articles full of great info.

I ended up making it to my second class of the day but when I returned home I was back on the search for more info….which led me to articles about how security experts fear that al Qaeda or a U.S. born “lone wolf” may try to strike back at the U.S., conspiracy theories (there are quite a few…many feel Bin Laden is not actually dead…since Obama just relaunched his re-election bid this is just the main kickoff campaign rally…many feel the photo released is a Photoshoped photo) and many other interesting topics.

I will continue my research….I just wanted to let you know about how I heard about the monumental moment in American history.

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  1. Mariana C S Rogedo
    May 04, 2011 @ 04:55:03

    Hi Vanessa, thank you for posting that video. I haven’t seen it until now. It was a good way to spread information by your blog. Thanks.


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