Social media is changing the way students learn and the way teachers teach *

I have always thought about teaching as a possible career option so I decided to look into how social media can be used in the classroom…after doing quite a bit of research this is how I feel about it…

Teaching today has come a long way from the good ol’ teacher in front of the chalkboard days; we are now reaching the peak of the social media days…If teachers refuse take that step into social media they are not only hindering themselves but each and every one of their students…teachers need to embrace socail media…there’s no fighting it!

According to a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, almost ¾ of 7th through 12th graders have at least one social media profile. All teachers should learn how to use this as a tool to boost their student’s academic productivity. Elizabeth Delmatoff a 7th grade teacher in Portland OR, started a social media program for her students and states “Don’t fight a losing battle, we need to be moving with the kids rather than moving against them” So true!! Times are changing and changes in education need to happen.

Here are a few ways teachers have begun to incorporate social media into their classrooms:

1. Teachers have assigned students to create blogs.

Blogs are used to encourage creative writing and improve grammar skills. Teachers have created; a safe and simple blogging platform created for elementary and middle school students.

2. Teachers create a classroom blog.

Teachers post assignments, extra credit options, encourage students to post written assignments for peer review, class discussions and more.

3. Teachers using twitter.

 Teachers have been running live twitter feeds in class and even projecting them on their walls. One teacher said:

 “I see Twitter as an excellent resource for assessing several of the skills that are fundamental to learning and living such as: the ability to make mistakes and immediately get positive critical feedback; the ability to take part in a communal discussion without the fear/anxiety/boredom/etc of ‘being proper’ and having to ‘stand in line’ and ‘wait one’s turn’ — after all, this ain’t 19th century academia we’re talking about”


Now, these are only 3 examples of the many ways social media can be used to enhance the classroom environment and there are many more but I don’t want to make this article too long 🙂 but please research it a little more on your own.

Here’s a great article I found about social media in the classroom:


* One more thing: If you are in my Journ65 class you already know how well this classroom environment is going…imagine if we could have had this as one of our mandatory high school classes…I feel this would be such a benefit to high school students…what do you think?