Final thoughts on my Journalism 65 class….

Well…It’s been 15 weeks and this is the final week of the spring semester at Laney College (in my eyes this semester went by pretty quick), and since this is the final week this will be the final post for my Journalism class…In all honesty, when I originally started this class I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did. I thought it was just going to be a simple online class that wouldn’t take too much effort but I will admit…I was wrong about that.  This class really took a lot more work than I thought…I was constantly changing my mind and doing multiple re-writes on almost every post! 🙂 and I was constantly researching…It was nice…I’m glad I decided to take this class. I feel there are quite a few things I learned in this class that will be useful in my future.  

We have been asked to list the top ten things we learned this semester so…let me go ahead and tell you the top ten things I learned…

X. Twitter is more than I thought it was….

            The original thoughts I had about Twitter were incorrect….somewhat. I originally thought twitter was nothing more than just a bunch of people posting mindless nonsense. After actually opening an account and making quite a few postings my ideas about it have changed. I now see twitter is a great way to spread info to people around the globe quick, research (just type a key word into the search bar and instantly find all kinds of links), promote your business, network with like-minded people, keep in touch with family…along with many other benefits…but….don’t get me wrong, just as I originally thought there still are MANY mindless posts. It’s just a matter of picking the right people to follow… 

VIIII. LinkedIn looks as if it may be helpful for many people…

            I have read of many success stories due to the help of LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 100 million users!! Many large corporations and businesses are said to use LinkedIn to search for new employees. But, just how there are many who love LI there are many LI haters out there too….many say “it doesn’t work…I hate it!”. With LI they say you must constantly be checking your page and networking with people if you want it to work. It’s great if it helps people find jobs…that’s awesome. It’s just that I don’t have much of a use for LI…

VIII. Blogging isn’t as bad as I thought it was…

            Once again, I had preconceived ideas about blogging…it’s actually not as bad as I thought it was, I sort-of like it. I just may open my own personal WordPress blog…just so I can have a place to release my thoughts…or as some would say…a place for me to RANT 🙂

VII. I now know how easy it is to open a WordPress blog…

            Like I said above in number eight…I think I just may open my own personal blog. Like I said…it can be a place for me to express my thoughts on all sorts of topics…I could post some of my art…maybe I could have a day where I post my favorite vegan recipe for the week…I could post some photos…all kinds of things…and best of all its FREE 🙂 I think I just may do it, I think it’ll be good for me ***

VI. Blogging do’s and don’ts…

            Here’s a few do’s and don’ts I found helpful and tried my hardest to follow…

Do start to network and get to know fellow bloggers.

Do know what you are going to blog about…do research…it helps to do an outline beforehand.

Do comment on others blogs (don’t just be a troll 🙂 ) and always be sure to reply to comments made on your blog.


Don’t plagiarize.


Don’t have spelling/grammar errors. Always be sure to do a final check before you publish.

V. Social Medias beneficial role in education…

            Many teachers are bringing social media into the classrooms…some middle schools teachers are running their entire class through social media. Students are each in class on a computer participating online…there are benefits to this. Kids younger and younger are being involved with social media so it would be smart to teach them in a way they can relate to but, I feel there is also a large downfall to this. It’s cutting back the face to face interactions…the expression of true emotions. But, being in this class we all now know how beneficial online classes are.

IV. Social-media joins people….

            With the help of social media, people are sending their voices around the globe…we have recently seen how social media helped fuel the revolutions in the Middle East. The youth used the power of social media to organize the uprisings, it was something that has needed to be done for years…and with the help of social media their goal was finally accomplished.  Mandy Naglich, a staff reporter from The TCU Daily Skiff  wrote a great article about how Social media helped spur revolution in Middle East; she quoted Manochehr Dorraj who specializes in the studies of Middle Eastern politics, he said “If it was not for this technology there would be no revolution.” I completely agree, and I’m sure there are many more who agree with this as well…I don’t know..we’ll see later down the line if this was a good idea or not…

III. Always be thoughtful with your postings…

            We must always remember that ANYONE can read what you have posted (unless it’s in a private group). So be careful…try not to post anything you’ll end up regretting later!

II. Social Media is a VERY VERY powerful tool!

            There’s a lot of power in social media. With the recent revolutions we have recently seen how this can an extremely good thing but, we have to be careful because this power can also be an extremely bad thing if it’s in the wrong hands. We always have to keep our eyes open and we must always check facts before we believe anything we hear.

I. I know I already listed it in my do’s and don’ts but I’ll say it again…MOST IMPORTANTLY ALWAYS BE KIND & BE YOURSELF!!


The future of journalism…

I feel we are all journalists, to a certain degree. Let’s go ahead and refer to the definition:

Jour·nal·ist  _ noun \-nə-list\

1a : a person engaged in journalism; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium b : a writer who aims at a mass audience

2: a person who keeps a journal

As we write our blogs, tweet our tweets, post in FB, etc.  we are journalists…and with the use of free social media it makes it much easier to get our voices out to the mass audience. Now, this does make it hard for the journalists who have gone through years of college and not to mention countless dollars in order to call themselves journalists. My interviewee Greg Lowe brought out that there are some who feel the e-revolution has weakened the profession. Weakened the profession…hmmm….I guess you could say weakened…or you could say it has revolutionized the profession. It has definitely changed the profession but, it doesn’t have to be a negative thing…in my eyes it’s great, we are all able to get our voices out. We are lucky to have that opportunity.  

I feel journalism has been taken it to the next level. As I said before, it’s just the natural evolution of things. There’s no need to fight it…it’s a great thing…but, I can sympathize with journalists who are losing jobs due to this step journalism has taken. That would not be so great and I could see how that would cause a hate for social media. We must find a way to keep everything balanced…that’s the hard part.

The future of social media?

I feel social media will continue to grow and grow…there will definitely be other sites that are released that will try and dominate the market. Maybe they will begin to incorporate videos more…or maybe live feeds…only time will tell…we’ll just have to wait patiently… 🙂     

Will this course impact my personal future?

How could it not! I have learned many things that I previously didn’t know, that will always impact your future. I don’t think I’ll be taking a step into the journalism industry or anything but its great knowledge…personal knowledge…and that’s the best kind of knowledge. And, I think I may just start my own little blog…I’ll start my blogging adventures….


In my Journalism 65 class I have learned many new things about Journalism/Social Media…

Let me go ahead and name a few: 🙂

1. There are soooo many social networking sites!! I did know there was a lot but, I’ll be completely honest…I didn’t know there were over 200!!

2. I learned about the power of LinkedIn, I have heard about how the site has actually helped so many people find jobs/careers!

3. I learned how to start my own blog via be honest, I never thought I would be a blogger but, I must admit it’s actually kind of fun 🙂

4. I learned what a new blogger should and shouldn’t do…two major points: whatever you do don’t get discouraged and always have a plan before you blog *

5. I learned many new social media terms…SEO, SEM, flash mob, blimple, lurker, troll, just to name a few… 🙂

6. I learned about the rise of the 2nd internet…”The social internet”

7. I learned about how social media can really help in the classroom…

8. I learned the MAJOR importance on time management skills…

9. I learned of the possible advancements in social media…quite exciting. 🙂

10. I learned so much more about how the social media world than I knew before…

11. And most of all I have learned how social networking sites are SO beneficial to many people around the globe…we can never forget how lucky we are to have access to the internet and all the great sites that can be found in it that are FULL of information.

Journalist/Curator…what’s your opinion?

I had never before thought of journalists as being curators; a great article by Shari Weiss inspired me to research it further. What first comes to mind when I hear the term “curator” is a museum curator but, after looking into the exact definition of the term curator, I now don’t see how journalists could not be called curators.


noun \ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-tər, kyu̇-ˈrā-, ˈkyu̇r-ə-\

Definition: One who has the care and superintendence of something; especially one in charge of a museum, zoo, or other place of exhibit. Origin: Latin, from curare to care, from cura care.

Definition derived from

Journalists care about and supervise the information they release to the public [at least they should 🙂 ]. They organize the information they have compiled into a nice little package for the reader. I feel it takes a lot of effort to put together an article that will be read by many, I don’t feel it’s such an easy task.

Now, there are those who feel that the title of “curator” should exclusively be used for museum curators. I somewhat understand this…as Christy Barksdale brought out in her article; Content Curation: Bringing Order to Information Overload, many museum curators have PhDs in their area of expertise, and believe that it is only with the highest level of education, and many years of research and experience, that one can be a true curator. Museum curators put forth a lot of time and effort to get that title, so like I said; I can somewhat see why they would be irritated if their title could easily be given to journalists.

Christy Barksdale also points out that merely sharing information over social networks is not curation; I agree. Spitting out mindless information on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is not exactly curating information. But, when someone takes the time to research and put together a well thought out article I view this as curation.

But, honestly…we can go back and forth on whether or not journalists should be called curators. I feel it’s only a word…why should we really give so much value to any title?? Is it really necessary?? I don’t think so…but, that’s only my opinion. I know there are many who will agree but, I also expect many to disagree too and that’s ok…we are all different and that’s the beauty of life.

What’s next in social media?

Well…where can we go from here? There are many who believe we are already in the future of social media, but really…what does this mean? Do these feel we have reached the ultimate peak of social media? Once a peak has been reached is there not nowhere to go but down…what do you think? Have we really reached the social media peak? Will all else from this point on be like petals falling slowly from a bloomed flower?

Personally, I don’t feel we can do anything else but continue to climb up…that’s the only “logical” thing this society can do. Since the beginning of time our society has continued to grow and grow. For example let’s take the telephone; it all started with the non-electrical string telephone or the “lover’s telephone” it was pretty much like the children’s tin can telephone 🙂

 Then in the early 1900’s the first dial telephone…from that point on we have been advancing this technology. We now have smartphones that are basically a tiny laptop, and what will come next? Holographic phones…its already in the works! I feel it’s just a matter of time 🙂

In a great article by Jason Falls, the founder and editor of Social Media Explorer, he predicts the web will get much smarter…he says:

“Semantic search and artificial intelligence are upon us. As our browsers, social networking platforms and software packages evolve, they will all function more intelligently. They will track our every click, every keystroke and perhaps even eye movement, not to impose on us in some sort of big brother sort of way, but to serve up smarter search results, more intuitive navigation options and almost frightening sets of information.”

Jason’s prediction of social media platforms that may even track our eye movement is fascinating but yet a little frightening.  The future of social media is an exciting subject…there are so many possibilities. What’s the next step? Only time will tell…..

LinkedIn question with so many helpful responses **


My question was:

If I am not currently working, please suggest what I should put in my LinkedIn profile.

I do not currently work and will not be looking for employment anytime soon.
I am unsure how I can benefit from LinkedIn…I tried to complete my profile as much as I could but it seems somewhat bare…what do you think?
Thanks in advance * Have a nice day *

Best answers: listed in order best at the top *

Dinesh Ramkrishna – 

Greetings Vanessa:

How about this ?
“Retired From Job not from Social Networking”



Al Macintyre –

Find a word that you are comfortable with like
“between jobs” or “job hunting”
or “semi-retired”
and enter that for the name of your current employer.

You will be surprised to find that once you have identified whatever, that your choice has a surprising number of fellow Linked In members also there.


Judy B. Margolis –

You’re an artist, Vanessa. Say so. Friend and other descriptors isn’t particularly appropriate for a professional networking site. I didn’t read your full profile, but whether you’re a graphic designer, painter, singer…what have you, there’s likely groups of the likeminded you can join here. Just do an Advanced Group Search using the keywords that best describe your areas of interest.


Ed Han –

I’ve spent a lot of time in Q&A but never once have seen this question, so this is quite refreshing!

I would suggest that you consider a headline that communicates what’s most important for other people to know about you. I agree with Judy that “friend” seems out of place. That also invites people to cite “friend” as the reason to send invitations to connect with you, since you’ve included your e-mail in your headline.

I would suggest removing your e-mail: given the size of your network, you don’t strike me as someone who’s particularly interested in growing it tremendously.


Martin Thomas –

I think the approach you’ve taken is kinda nice. Yes it is bare. So why not expand on the sections on Awesome and Creative and talk more about yourself. You can also move the sections around a bit and de-emphasise the CV part of your profile. Look at mine as an example – it’s not perfect but it is a different approach to what you can do.

If you just want to use LI to discover interesting new people before going back on the job market you can do worse than plague this Q&A and also a bunch of groups.

I have met a bunch of friends here and many new business colleagues too this way. It is time consuming but it can be addictive and is definitely useful.




It was suprising when I instantly started getting responses to my question…it was very nice. Everyone was so helpful…I like that. I received many helpful suggestions/tips that I am taking into account while I work on enhancing my profile.  

100% complete LinkedIn profile

Be sure to finish your profile completely!!

This is very important. If an employer is looking to hire someone based on their online resume it will not be such a good first impression if fields are left blank.

           Profile picture: Try to post the best head shot of yourself you can find…once again, you want to make a professional first impression. Avatars and images aren’t very professional.

            Header: Be creative and try and create a header that will catch an employer’s eye, make them want to click on your profile and read more about you.

            Summary: Of course, be completely honest! But, to a certain extent you do have to “sell” yourself. Describe who you are, what you (want to) do, and what makes you so special…be sure to write in first person and be VERY interesting.

            Links: Add links to your professional social media sites; personal websites, blogs, RSS feed, etc.

            Update: Update profile weekly and be sure to check back in regularly. Whatever you do DON’T “set it and forget it” 🙂

I just opened my profile this week so I am by no means experienced on this at all….this is helpful information I comprised after doing research for myself…I still have to finish my page…I will be doing that tomorrow.

Here’s a great video about getting started at LinkedIn:

Online privacy…How private should we be??

How much information is too much information??

One of my classmates recently expressed how she was skeptical about posting so much information about herself online…I completely understand this, in a sense I agree.

There are definitely certain types of information we should never post online, such as our social security numbers (but honestly, even this can be found if you search hard enough).

Current and past employers, Work experience, Education history, Phone number, Address, Birthday, Marital status, Personal websites, blogs, twitter accounts…     

 This sort of information can available to someone in the blink of an eye. If someone really wants personal information about you they will get it one way or another. Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take precautions and be smart about releasing certain information.

But really, I quickly did a google search for: finding personal information about anyone online…in a matter of seconds many sites with information popped up…I’ll list a few:

Today, in the world we live in there’s no fighting it…once again; if someone really wants personal information about you they will find a way to get it.

We can’t just live under a rock and hope no one will ever find us. 🙂

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