In my Journalism 65 class I have learned many new things about Journalism/Social Media…

Let me go ahead and name a few: 🙂

1. There are soooo many social networking sites!! I did know there was a lot but, I’ll be completely honest…I didn’t know there were over 200!!

2. I learned about the power of LinkedIn, I have heard about how the site has actually helped so many people find jobs/careers!

3. I learned how to start my own blog via…to be honest, I never thought I would be a blogger but, I must admit it’s actually kind of fun 🙂

4. I learned what a new blogger should and shouldn’t do…two major points: whatever you do don’t get discouraged and always have a plan before you blog *

5. I learned many new social media terms…SEO, SEM, flash mob, blimple, lurker, troll, just to name a few… 🙂

6. I learned about the rise of the 2nd internet…”The social internet”

7. I learned about how social media can really help in the classroom…

8. I learned the MAJOR importance on time management skills…

9. I learned of the possible advancements in social media…quite exciting. 🙂

10. I learned so much more about how the social media world than I knew before…

11. And most of all I have learned how social networking sites are SO beneficial to many people around the globe…we can never forget how lucky we are to have access to the internet and all the great sites that can be found in it that are FULL of information.


LinkedIn Today

News straight from your connections and others who share your same interests

Last week on March 10, 2011 LinkedIn launched their new product LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn today delivers top headlines chosen by people in your industry. These articles you receive are especially for you and the peers in your industry…LinkedIn has a filtration system that weeds out all the unnecessary articles that don’t pertain to you. This seems like it would be very helpful to many people who are constantly on the go and don’t have the time to read/scroll through pointless articles. LinkedIn offers a straight to the point news; this is a great time-saver!

LinkedIn Today is completely customizable; YOU choose what industries you would like to follow. Just as Twitter and Facebook have their share buttons, LinkedIn has a sharing button that will now share your article with their all of their connections. You can now easily with the click of the mouse spread the information with all of your connections.  

Just as Facebook and Twitter have so many devoted users, LinkedIn would like everyone to be daily users of their site too…I feel this will happen..It’s just a matter of time.

LinkedIn and journalists

LinkedIn can be very beneficial to journalists.

There are said to be over 35 million members on LinkedIn! The current population of Oakland CA is 390,724…let’s do the math: 35 million / 390,724 is approximately 40 Oakland’s’!!! This is a HUGE database where you can find many resources for your article/post…

LinkedIn has an extensive advanced people search where you can search through the 35 million members based on industries, groups, languages, interests and more. You can find and expert in a field in a matter of seconds! I wanted to try it out so I did a search for alternative medicine, instantly I found many interesting people from around the globe! This database can also be used to find interviewee’s for your next interview post…

Let’s say you are still unsure about your career path (like me :))…LinkedIn can help with that to! You can search for people in the same industry that you are wishing to go into and get to know them. I’m sure someone could be found that would be willing to share their knowledge with you.  

Have you ever had to write a post and been stumped on what to write about…I know I have! 🙂 Not a problem at all….LinkedIn has an answers section where many ask any question they want an answer to from “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made when launching a new website and what did you learn from it?” to “Are we running out of salt?” (Actual questions) While looking through the many questions inspiration can be found; when you read that question it will spark interest then you’ll be off writing your post.  

Another big way LinkedIn can help journalists is the fact that it’s getting your name out there. You are growing your connections via social media…it’s awesome!

LinkedIn question with so many helpful responses **


My question was:

If I am not currently working, please suggest what I should put in my LinkedIn profile.

I do not currently work and will not be looking for employment anytime soon.
I am unsure how I can benefit from LinkedIn…I tried to complete my profile as much as I could but it seems somewhat bare…what do you think?
Thanks in advance * Have a nice day *

Best answers: listed in order best at the top *

Dinesh Ramkrishna – 

Greetings Vanessa:

How about this ?
“Retired From Job not from Social Networking”



Al Macintyre –

Find a word that you are comfortable with like
“between jobs” or “job hunting”
or “semi-retired”
and enter that for the name of your current employer.

You will be surprised to find that once you have identified whatever, that your choice has a surprising number of fellow Linked In members also there.


Judy B. Margolis –

You’re an artist, Vanessa. Say so. Friend and other descriptors isn’t particularly appropriate for a professional networking site. I didn’t read your full profile, but whether you’re a graphic designer, painter, singer…what have you, there’s likely groups of the likeminded you can join here. Just do an Advanced Group Search using the keywords that best describe your areas of interest.


Ed Han –

I’ve spent a lot of time in Q&A but never once have seen this question, so this is quite refreshing!

I would suggest that you consider a headline that communicates what’s most important for other people to know about you. I agree with Judy that “friend” seems out of place. That also invites people to cite “friend” as the reason to send invitations to connect with you, since you’ve included your e-mail in your headline.

I would suggest removing your e-mail: given the size of your network, you don’t strike me as someone who’s particularly interested in growing it tremendously.


Martin Thomas –

I think the approach you’ve taken is kinda nice. Yes it is bare. So why not expand on the sections on Awesome and Creative and talk more about yourself. You can also move the sections around a bit and de-emphasise the CV part of your profile. Look at mine as an example – it’s not perfect but it is a different approach to what you can do.

If you just want to use LI to discover interesting new people before going back on the job market you can do worse than plague this Q&A and also a bunch of groups.

I have met a bunch of friends here and many new business colleagues too this way. It is time consuming but it can be addictive and is definitely useful.




It was suprising when I instantly started getting responses to my question…it was very nice. Everyone was so helpful…I like that. I received many helpful suggestions/tips that I am taking into account while I work on enhancing my profile.  

100% complete LinkedIn profile

Be sure to finish your profile completely!!

This is very important. If an employer is looking to hire someone based on their online resume it will not be such a good first impression if fields are left blank.

           Profile picture: Try to post the best head shot of yourself you can find…once again, you want to make a professional first impression. Avatars and images aren’t very professional.

            Header: Be creative and try and create a header that will catch an employer’s eye, make them want to click on your profile and read more about you.

            Summary: Of course, be completely honest! But, to a certain extent you do have to “sell” yourself. Describe who you are, what you (want to) do, and what makes you so special…be sure to write in first person and be VERY interesting.

            Links: Add links to your professional social media sites; personal websites, blogs, RSS feed, etc.

            Update: Update profile weekly and be sure to check back in regularly. Whatever you do DON’T “set it and forget it” 🙂

I just opened my profile this week so I am by no means experienced on this at all….this is helpful information I comprised after doing research for myself…I still have to finish my page…I will be doing that tomorrow.

Here’s a great video about getting started at LinkedIn:


I see how so many can benefit from LinkedIn and it’s awesome.

As many employers are gravitating towards the professional networking world it is so important for potential employees to take that step into the database of professionals. I just opened my LinkedIn account this week so I am VERY new to it but, from what I have read it is an extremely vast online database of resumes. LinkedIn is not only a place to look for jobs but also post a job if you are looking for an employee.

There are currently over 70 million members in over 200 countries! LinkedIn can be such an colossal help to those who are unable to find a job in their local communities. In an instant you are able to post your resume to hundreds of companies around the globe! Some have said LinkedIn resumes are a new age resume on steroids…and that’s exactly what it is!

LinkedIn seems to be such a helpful social networking site! I am excited to start my profile…I will be finishing it up over the weekend. Next week I’ll begin my LinkedIn journeys.

We are so very fortunate to have this LinkedIn technology and we must be sure to never forget that!